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A Moment of Weakness (Chapter 13)


The next day, the two of them got out of bed, packed their bags, and went to meet Garth for breakfast at a diner. The two of them didn’t say much and let Garth tell them of his heroics in getting the hostages to the hospital. Dean thought that if Garth were as good a hunter as he was a storyteller, he’d be unstoppable.

An hour later, the three of them were full and Dean and Castiel needed to head back to Montana. It was nice to get their minds off of Belial and the Leviathans for a few days, but they needed to get back to finding ways to defeat them.

Dean paid for their meal and followed Castiel outside. He walked shoulder to shoulder with Castiel to the car. As they got closer, Dean saw someone sitting on the hood of it. “Hey, jackass, get off the car!” Dean yelled. It wasn’t the Impala, but it was still his responsibility. They only had so many cars to use.

“Dean,” Castiel scolded. He did not want Dean yelling at and getting into fights with strangers.

The stranger jumped off of the hood of the car as Dean and Castiel approached. He was handsome. He was a few inches taller than Dean and built like a lineman. He had a square jaw and shoulder length brown hair. He smirked as they approached. “I can’t believe my brothers were foolish enough to leave you alone,” he said looking directly at Castiel. “Especially without your grace to protect you.”

Dean pushed Castiel to stand behind him. He knew that something was bad about to happen. “Excuse me?” he asked.

“Dean Winchester,” the stranger said, turning his head to face Dean. “Pleasure to finally cross paths with you.” He held his hand out as a greeting.

“Do I know you?” Dean said, staring at the hand.

“Belial,” Castiel whispered.

Dean spun around to look at Castiel. He looked the same way he did with the Satan incident. “Belial?”

Belial smiled now that they were all acquainted. “Nice to see you up and moving, Castiel.”

Dean turned back around to see the angel. There was a laundry list of things he wanted to do to him, but he knew he couldn’t. Not on his own. And not when he was still bruised from falling down the stairs. “What do you want?”

“I like you, Dean. No bullshit. You get straight to the point.”

“Yeah, so can you do that already?”

“I want Castiel,” Belial said. “But if you want to come along too, that’s fine with me.”

“What do you want him for?”

“Well, I don’t personally need him, but the Leviathans asked us to keep him for a reason.” He held his hand out to Castiel. “So, come along, angel. You’ve already been gone too long.”

Dean slapped Belial’s hand away. “You’re fucking crazy if you think Cas is just going to come with you.”

Castiel stepped around Dean. He was terrified, but that didn’t stop him from walking toward his torturer. “You can take me. Let Dean get into his car and drive away.”

“And you’ll come peacefully?”


“No!” Dean yelled. He could not believe Castiel suggested something like that. “No deal.” They weren’t splitting up. He wasn’t going to let Castiel go back to the man who tortured him for months.


Dean grabbed Castiel and spun him around. They stood facing each other, both breathing hard. “I’m not losing you again.” He squeezed Castiel’s shoulders tightly with his shaky hands.

“Dean,” Castiel said, thinking about brushing Dean’s hands off of him. He didn’t. He didn’t want to break contact with him. “I have to keep you safe.”

“You don’t have to do a damn thing,” Dean said. He was pleading. He tried to come up with a plan to get them both out of there. He looked at the car.

“I know what you’re thinking, Dean. We can’t run away from him.”

“We can call your brothers.”

Castiel shook his head. Belial was too confident. “I think Belial has something prepared for if they come along.”

“Cas,” he whispered, realizing how dire the situation actually was. He was running out of options. “No.” He wouldn’t let Castiel go.

Castiel exhaled deeply and closed his eyes for a moment. He quickly came up with a plan. He looked into Dean’s eyes and stared into them like he would never again. “I’m sorry, Dean,” he whispered. He brought his hand up to Dean’s forehead.

Dean had no time to react when he felt himself pushed through space. This trip felt different. Usually, whenever the angels transported him somewhere, he felt cold. He didn’t understand why this time he felt his body heat up as he traveled. He would have thought more about what it meant, but he was too angry with Castiel to think about anything except ways to kill the youngest angel the next time he saw him.


Dean stumbled when he landed. He reached for the nearest surface to keep him on his feet. He looked around and saw that he was back in Montana. He found himself in the living room of the cabin surrounded by his brother, Gabriel, Michael, and Balthazar. “Fuck!”

“Dean, what are you doing here?” Michael said. He grabbed Dean’s arm and helped him stand up. “I thought you were in Washington.” He looked around, trying to figure out how Dean appeared out of thin air. Then he realized something was missing. “Dean, where’s Castiel?” He became worried when he didn’t see his brother anywhere.

Dean pulled his arm out of Michael’s hold. “Belial found us,” he growled, his voice angry and shaking.

“What?” Balthazar, Gabriel, and Sam said.

“Dean, where is Castiel?” Michael asked, saying his words slow and low.

“The bastard sent me here.”

“Who? Belial?” Sam asked.

“No,” Dean growled. “Cas. I’m going to kill him.” There was no weight to those words. He just needed Castiel to be all right.

“Not if I kill him first,” Michael said.

Dean was surprised that Michael was talking about killing an angel. “I don’t think we’re talking about the same angel.”


Dean would have smiled if he weren’t so worried. “Yeah.” He was furious that Castiel sent him away. He didn’t even think it was possible without how much grace the angels said he had left.

“Can you guys sense him?” Sam asked. He was trying to give his brother some hope.

A glaze fell over the angels’ eyes for a moment as they stared at nothing. “No,” Michael said after the life returned to their eyes.

“Lucy,” Gabriel said.

“Yes?” Lucifer said, showing up a blink later.

“Belial has Castiel.”


His tone may have been calm, but everyone could see the anger brewing in his eyes. It should not have been possible for something like that to happen under his nose.

“Lucifer,” Michael said.

Lucifer glared at Dean who was supposed to be with his brother. “How did this happen?” he asked. He walked over to Dean and put two fingers to the human’s temple. He saw the events that occurred in a flash. He pulled away from Dean, seething. “Why didn’t he call us for help?”

Dean wished he knew. All he knew was that Castiel would always look out for his well-being before his own but he wasn’t going to say that to the angels. “I… we have to go back to Washington.”

“Dean, they aren’t going to be there,” Sam said.

“Well, that’s where we need to start looking.” He knew he wasn’t making any sense, but if he kept quiet, his mind would go to Castiel being tortured by Belial again. He needed to think about anything else but that.

“Dean,” Sam yelled, grabbing his brother’s upper arms. He made sure to not grab the handprint. “Breathe.”

“The bastard has Cas, Sammy,” Dean whispered. He had to keep himself under control. If he lost it, he wasn’t sure if he would scream or cry. “He went with Belial so I’d be safe. He was more scared for me than he was for himself. You know what happened the last time Belial had him.”

“Dean, you can’t think like that,” Sam said. He shook his brother when he saw heavy thoughts forming in his eyes. “Dean.”

“What?” he said, pulling away from his brother. “Tell me something,” Dean pleaded. “Anything to make this okay.”


“See, you can’t. And that’s okay.”

“We’ll find him. Belial won’t have him long enough for something to happen to him.”

“I can’t do this again, Sam.”

“I’ll call, Bobby.” Sam stared at his brother who looked like he was ready to break down. He grabbed his brother’s shirt and shook him. “Dean, do something. Don’t just stand there. Go.”

It was the kick in the ass Dean needed. He shook himself out of his thoughts and headed toward the stairs. He knew he wasn’t able to find anything in a book or perform a spell to find Castiel, so he settled for getting his weapons together for when Belial showed his face.

Dean went upstairs, not able to be around the angels while they to find ways to find their brother. Dean felt like he was to blame. He should have fought harder to stay with Castiel. But he was more pissed that he didn’t expect Castiel to use his grace and send him to safety. Castiel had been without it for so long that Dean forgot that he still had a bit of it left.

He got into the room and slammed the door behind him. He saw red. He wanted to hit something.

“Damnit, Cas.”

Then his cell phone rang. He reached into his pocket to answer it, even though he didn’t want to talk to anyone. Pulling his hand out of his pocket was a struggle and only agitated him more.

Finally, the phone came free. “What?” Dean yelled into the phone without looking at who was calling him.

“Dean, it’s Missouri.”

Dean let out a sigh and calmed down. Or at least he tried. “Missouri, hi. I can’t really talk right now. I’m giving the phone to Sam.”

“Boy, I called you.”

“Missouri, I can’t right now.” He knew that was all he needed to say because if anyone knew what was going through his head without him having to say it, it was Missouri. She would understand why he was acting this way.

“I know where your angel is, Dean.”

“Where is he?”

“Dean, you have to promise me—”

“Missouri, just tell me.” He didn’t need a lecture on his morals and ethics. Not when Belial had Castiel.

“Dean, he does not want you to turn into a monster just to find him.”

“Fine,” Dean said quickly. He needed an answer. “I won’t.”

“Boy, I know you’re not being sincere.”

Dean sighed, forcing himself to calm down. He knew Missouri wouldn’t tell him unless he meant the words that were coming from his mouth. “Missouri, I need to find him,” he whispered. His voice, along with his entire body shook. “I can promise that I will do everything I can to save him. I don’t know how far I have to go, but I’m going to save him.”

Silence fell between the two of them. Dean was afraid that he said the wrong thing and she wasn’t going to tell him what he needed to know.

“He’s in Lawrence.”

Dean let out a sigh. He could feel his heart slamming against his ribs. “Where?” He didn’t want to waste his time searching through the entire town. He wanted to get Castiel back as soon as possible.

“Where else?”

Those two words told Dean exactly where he needed to be. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Dean.” She hung up the phone before Dean could ask her any more questions.

Dean shoved the phone back in his pocket then ran back downstairs. The angels were flying around gathering supplies to try a spell. Sam was on the phone with someone, talking as much with his hands as he was with his mouth.

“I know where Cas is,” Dean said loudly enough for everyone to hear.

All at once, everyone in the house stopped moving.

“How do you know?” Gabriel asked.

“Someone told me,” Dean replied.

“It could be a lie,” Balthazar said.

“It’s not.”

Sam hung up the phone and set it down on the nearest surface. “Dean, how do you know?” he repeated. He did not want his brother going off on a rescue mission without a credible source.

“Missouri told me,” Dean replied.

“Okay,” Sam said. That was enough for him. “Let’s go.” He grabbed his gun off one of the tables in the living room.

“You should stay,” Dean said.


“Make sure we have supplies if Cas comes back hurt.” That was partially the truth. He didn’t want to have to worry about both Castiel and his brother. The further away from the danger Sam was, the safer he’d be.

Sam knew what his brother was doing. “Yeah, I can do that.” He wouldn’t be any help to them. He would only be something that Belial could use against Dean, if it came down to it.

“Thank, Sammy.”

“Dean, don’t do anything stupid.”

“Can’t promise that.”

“I figured. But at least be careful.”

Dean nodded. He took his brother’s gun out of his hands and put the safety on before he shoved it into his waistband. He didn’t plan on bringing anything else. The only weapons that would work were angel swords, and he’d be with four angels who could wield them better than he could.

He looked to Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, and Balthazar who stared at him like they were waiting for orders. “Let’s go,” Dean said. “He’s in Lawrence.”

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Feb. 27th, 2012 01:45 am (UTC)
Even knowing Belial was coming after Cas, it was a surprise for him to just turn up at the end of a successful hunt. Will Dean and the angels get to Cas before he's hurt again? Why do the Leviathans want him alive?

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